Introduction to Asia and Global Economy (AGE), the Official Journal of AECF and INUKorean


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Since 2017 we have been preparing for publishing an SSCI level international journal based on the accumulation of AECF activities. This year the forumAECF2020 is celebrating the launching of the new journal, Asia and the Global Economy(AGE) published by the major publisher, Elsevier. AGE will be the official journal of Asia Economic Community Foundation and Incheon National University..


AGE publishes rigorous economic, political science and international relations research with clear policy implications for the Asian region and Asia’s role in the global economy. Articles must have a firm analytical basis, but and their findings must have significant policy relevance for questions facing the Asian countries. Consequently, AGE will publish innovative and timely studies of economic, political and social aspects of relations among Asian countries and their relations with the rest of the world. Analytical or policy-oriented contributions will be welcome from diverse perspectives.


Examples of topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  Asian economic, financial and political integration

  Economic growth and development in Asia

  Effects of current and prospective domestic and international political trends on Asian economies

  The emergence of a new global trade regime, trade wars and economic integration

  Comparative analysis of Asian and European or North and South American economies

  Asian innovation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Asia

  Asian connectedness, including logistics and transportation and China’s One Belt One Road Policy

  Economic, political and social effects of demographic trends and migration in Asia

  Comparative analysis of Asian and European or North and South American productivity growth and technological progress

  Political economy of developments related to Asian regional integration

  Financial integration in Asia and capital flows both within Asia and between Asia and the rest of the world

  Prospects for expanding or deepening current regional integration arrangements in Asia

  Economic cooperation and economic sanctions in Asian economic integration